Busted! Don’t Believe These Home Inspection Myths!

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Hunting for a new house to make your home is both exciting and terrifying. The fun part is envisioning yourself in a new space, the stressful part is that you could invest in a money pit. To relieve yourself of this stress, a licensed home inspector can help determine if your prospective home has underlying problems.

Home inspectors are trained to identify problems with foundations, heating and cooling systems, electrical work, and other aspects of your home. Based on the issues they find with a property you can accordingly negotiate a better deal or avoid a significant headache altogether.

However, even though home inspections are beneficial to homebuyers, many avoid this step of the home buying process due to certain misconceptions tied to this service. If you are one of the many who have fallen for these false notions, Economy Property Inspection Services has debunked a few home inspection myths, so you have the correct information before you make your final decision. 


Myth 1: Home inspections are a waste of money.

A common myth prospective buyers believe is that it is better to forego a home inspection because it is a waste of money. However, for a relatively small amount of money, you could potentially save yourself thousands of dollars in repairs after you have moved in. All deficiencies in a home are negotiable in the purchase contract, and if issues are found during the inspection, the seller could be willing to pay for some if not all the repairs.

Myth 2: Home inspections detect every single fault in a house.

Some clients feel that a home inspection will uncover every fault in a home. Home inspectors are not required to inspect elements that are hidden behind walls or are not accessible due to the homeowners’ furnishings. Therefore, if a home is occupied not every electrical outlet will be checked and not every window will be accessible to check operations. Also, a home inspector is required to test a specified number of items.

Myth 3: Home inspections are home warranties.

We have found in this industry that many people believe home inspections are a home warranty. As inspectors, our job is to find deficiencies in the home at the time of inspection. Home inspections are not warranties of any kind. A home warranty can be worked into the purchase contract. Many times warranties are provided by sellers to give buyers peace of mind after the purchase.

If you’re looking to steer clear of these home inspection myths, reach out to Economy Property Inspection Services, we provide the best property inspection services, in Abilene, TX. We simplify the process of purchasing a house and help you make educated choices. When you choose our services, you will be assured of a complete, honest, and accurate report to relieve your concerns about a prospective property.

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