Top Three Things To Look For When Hiring A Home Inspector

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The process of purchasing a home is often compounded by stressful situations, fears over the mortgage payments and other related concerns. However, one of the most frequent questions most clients have about their home is whether it is worth the price they are paying for it.

To help you feel more confident about your purchase, it’s advisable to have a home inspection carried out. Apart from telling you that you are making a prudent investment, it also gives you a heads-up about any potential issues that may arise or concerns that need to be addressed on priority.

Without a professional home inspector, none of this will be possible, which is why you need to be careful about the inspector you hire. To ensure you get the best possible inspection service, here’s a list of the top three things to look for in a home inspector.

1. Excellent communication.

A competent home inspector will professionally explain all that they have found out about a house to their clients. They should be able to inform the client about all the issues with the house in simple language so that the client can quickly decide whether to buy the house or not. A client will be at a loss and may even end up making a wrong decision if a home inspector is unable to articulate their findings.

2. Follow the home inspector’s SOP.

As a client, you must make yourself aware of the standard-of-practice (SOP) of a home inspector and ensure that the SOP is adhered to. Apart from preventing an inspector from taking advantage of you, it will also help you set realistic expectations from a home inspector.

3. Punctuality is non-negotiable.

Home inspectors have to be punctual for their clients at all times. Years of savings and thought goes into the purchase of a house. Therefore, an inspector will appear callous if they don’t deliver their report on time to the client or if they don’t turn up on time.

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